Engineering Department

System Design Services

Whether on a new project or a retrofit, integrating a fire alarm system with other life safety systems can be a painstaking process. Fire sprinkler systems, elevator recall systems, access controls, and security systems all communicate with your fire alarm panel. This level of integration requires an experienced fire alarm design team. Quality Electric & Fire Alarm Inc has been in a local based business for close to 30 years, we can design any system that may be required to meet all local and state codes and laws.

No drawings? No problem. We’re particularly skilled in creating plans for retrofit projects. Our designers can create blueprints of your facility from scratch, and show you how the proposed system will fit within the current infrastructure.

Do you need your elevator modernized or upgraded? Our design team creates plans to perfectly fit your elevator system with other existing life safety systems.

Whether it be a large or small project we can design the best system for your property.

alarm system design